About Us
Cosmos Tapes & Labels Pvt. Ltd.

Offering unique range of tapes & labels including Double Sided Cotton Cloth Tape, Cross Filament Tape, Butyl Foam Die Cut Label, etc.

About Us

Cosmos Tapes & Labels Pvt. Ltd. is an established converter, fabricator, manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of pressure-sensitive Adhesive Coated Tapes as well as Die-cut Foams, Fabrics, Non-woven Materials and other related products meeting the stringent requirements of Automotive, White Goods & Electronic Applications. Cosmos resources are used worldwide.

We accept only bulk quantity orders.

Our Quality Products

All of our tapes are made using the best raw material in our manufacturing plant, which makes them of excellent quality & optimum strength.

Why Choose Us

There are many companies in current business markets that are trying to take the lead in the market, but only a few like us, Cosmos Tapes & Labels Pvt. Ltd. are successful.

Our Value

We provide innovative pressure sensitive adhesive products and solutions for a broad range of industrial bonding applications

Our Goal

Our goal is to achieve the most innovative, effective and efficient solution to your problem. We can convert your ideas into reality.

What We Do

We identify the needs on the customer shop floor, innovate the products and satisfy the need by way of convert, customize and fabricate/manufacture high performance pressure-sensitive tapes, bonding adhesives and foams/films/foils/felts.
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